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Papa Prevs' Challenges...

Papworth Hospital












Frossard Childrens Ward




My name is Mark Prevel and In 1993 at the age of 31 I was diagnosed with chronic emphysema, three years later I had three surgical procedures that ultimately meant I am here with you today. I'd never have dreamt that I would live this long, now I would love to give back to those amazing people who got me this far. 

I have set out a series of challenges to with which I can generate donations to three amazing causes. Royal Papworth Hospital, whom the doctors, nurses and support staff gave me my life today, Lungevity and the Frossard Ward with all of whom provide critical support for others in need.

I have now written a book called "Why the hell am l doing this" it has now been printed and is on sale. The second book is now evolving and is to be named "How the hell did l do that".

I would just like to say a big thank you to the Folk involved in helping me bring the book to life, firstly Colin the editor who has managed to translate my blah blah blah into a very delightful and inspirational  read and for the amazing art work that went into designing the cover, Justine Torode who has brought the book to life with her cool sketches, Simon who prof read it over and over again and Printed in Guernsey for bringing the book to life after a year long journey that started with a random "pub" meeting Christmas of 2020.

Every penny from the sale of the book will be going to our chosen charities due to me winning the Pride of Guernsey awards for Overcoming Diversity, this event is staged every year by our local newspaper the Guernsey Evening Press, the winning prize was £1000 which was kingly donated by Close Finance and has paid for the first printing of the book.  

The book will be available from the 11th of March at the following outlets in Guernsey, Patois Brasserie, Thompsons  Motors forecourt, Forest Road Garage forecourt, Vale Garage forecourt and Cobo Garage forecourt.


If you would like the  book sent directly to you, please email me at and l will arrange with you via email how we can do this for you. 

If you should need to contact me in person:


phone:   07781 100 964

Please feel free to follow my daily fitness activities on Strava or hit the Facebook button for more information.

Total donated £3724

Challenges so far in the calendar...

11/01/2021 walk two lengths of the south coast cliffs of Guernsey:

Completed in a time of 11 and a half hours, covering 30 miles and

climbing 6,150 feet.

22/02/2021 run a length of the cliffs:

Completed in a time of 4 hours 10 minutes, covering 15 miles and 

climbing and descending 3,000 feet. 

27/02/2021 run half marathon:

Completed in a time of 2 hours and ten minutes

03/04/2021 - Complete 100,000 steps:

Completed in 14 hours and 21 minutes, covering 48.5 miles.

12/06/2021 - 24 hour Ultra XL cliff challenge:

Completed 3 lengths of Guernsey's cliff paths in 17 hours covering 52 miles and climbed and descended 9,400 feet 'almost one third of the height of Mount Everest or climbing and descending Ben Nevis twice in 17 hours'. 

26/09/2021 - Fathers Day Half Marathon:

Completed in a time of 2 hours and 22 minutes.

23/07/2022 - Run a length of the cliffs:

Completed in a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes, beating my

last attempt by 25 minutes.

21/07/2022 - Run 5k:

Completed in a time of 26.40 minutes.

11/09/2022 - Ultra XXXL Cliff Challenge:

Completed in 5 days, Walked ten lengths of the Guernsey cliffs, covered 166 miles, walked 384094 steps, climbing and descending over 31800 feet (2800 feet higher the Mount Everest) 


10/06/2023 - Walking 78 miles in 24 hours.

I have been communicating with the Rotary Club of Guernsey to help promote the 2023 Saffery Rotary Walk.

To help boost the number of walkers taking part I have agreed to take part myself and to attempt to walk the 39 miles not only once but twice and hopefully within 24 hours.

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